At Arsène Lippens, we believe in the power of time and the stories it tells. Our watches are not just instruments to tell time, but a testament to communities, achievements, and personal journeys.

How we work

A Personal Touch
Every individual has a unique story to tell, and we want our watches to be a part of yours. That's why we offer a personalised engraving on the back of each watch, allowing you to carry a piece of your journey with you, wherever you go.
Embrace Your Journey
Arsène Lippens enables you to share your journey and achievements. Joining our community platform, allows to explore communities that match your interests. Each community has a dedicated space to share stories, and be inspired and to inspire. Making your experience truly a one-of-a-kind.
Showcase Your Collection
At Arsène Lippens, we encourage our community members to share the timepieces you received. Share with the community the importance of your watch and the significance it carries in your life.
Connect Beyond Our Platform
Extend your horological adventures by integrating your social media accounts, like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, to share your passion with a broader audience.
Quality & Privacy
We prioritise a refined and respectful community space. All posts are moderated to ensure quality, and we are committed to protecting your personal data and privacy.
Showcase Your Community
Arsène Lippens highlights your community. We picture its essence on our platform and social media, giving the world a glimpse of your community's unique identity. Moreover, we empower you to self-showcase on our website, fostering connections with other like-minded communities within our platform.